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Placeholder Neil Customer for over 10 years It has been an utmost pleasure working with Epromo. I received an e-blast from ASI back in October and decided to give Epromo a call to see what their program was all about. We have several customers on "Portals" right now but really had a need to upgrade our company store capabilities. Epromo was exactly what we needed! We have completed our first company store with Epromo and are starting our second one as we speak. We will be converting all of our "Portals" over to Epromo and are even going to do our website with them as well. Everyone has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to a long lasting partnership with Epromo!

Placeholder Lori Customer for 5 years I absolutely love my new Epromo Software. It's super easy to use and is a great product!! I hope you guys are kicking the crap out of the competition! You oughta be, they don't offer anywhere near the versatility and functionality!

Placeholder Bev Customer for over 10 years Our Company Store does over $500,000 per year!

Placeholder Ken Customer for over 2 years I need to say at the outset that your software is light years ahead of the pack in the distributor segment. There are many distributors like me who would otherwise have trouble competing due to excessive overhead. Your cloud package has allowed me to do the work formerly accomplished by a team of support people.

Placeholder Holly Customer for over 4 years I have worked directly with Epromo since 2007 and have found their platform and e-commerce website design to be simply outstanding. The sites are easy to manage with robust report and administrative capabilities and very easy product management. We are so confident in Epromo's abilities that we have our largest client on this platform.

Thank you for choosing Epromo.

Epromo Solutions, LC BBB Business Review